Based in Hamburg and with team of more than 50 communications experts, we support and consult our German and international clients with brand communications, corporate communications and digital / social media. We are an owner-operated agency and a member of GPRA, the association of Germany’s leading communications agencies with PR backgrounds.

Being noticed in a heavily interconnected world is a constant challenge for companies and their brands. Thus our clients are in need of intelligent strategies and strong stories in order for them and their products to be in people’s minds and conversations – this is what we do, this is where we excel.  Our dialogue-oriented society requires the development and maintenance of trustworthy relationships with consumers and other stakeholders more so than ever. We passionately help our clients from the industries Food & Beverages, Technology, Living & Lifestyle and Media & Culture in reaching their business and communication goals, building up and maintaining the reputation of their company and brands in the long run.


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We strengthen a brand’s relevance and attractiveness with a keen eye for strategy and creative communications.

  • Brand Positioning and Brand Management
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Integrated Campaigns


We understand a company’s DNA and communicate it accordingly to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Reputation Management
  • Media Relations
  • Change Communication
  • Crisis Communication


We develop and realise relevant online strategies and are in charge of the digital channels of brands and companies.

  • Content Management
  • Community Management
  • Blogger Relations / Influencer Relations
  • Development of Websites, Blogs and Apps
  • Media Monitoring and Evaluation


We create integrated communication campaigns that raise the stakeholder’s awareness for the messages of our clients

  • Planning and Creation
  • Development and Setup of Platforms, Programs and Leitmotivs
  • Agenda Setting
  • Events

Selected cases

Initial situation

Initial situation

For more than 100 years, at Schwartauer Werke everything revolves around fruits. As the leading producer of jam in Germany, the company takes responsibility for the entire value chain – from field to glass. Against this background, Schwartauer Werke is concerned about the increase of bee mortality in recent years. The bee, which is endangered by several external factors, is not only extremely important for mankind but also for the company’s core business. As the variety of fruit around the world is only possible thanks to the tireless pollination work of bees, Schwartauer Werke launched bee careful, because: without bees no fruit – without fruit no jam. The initiative promotes bee health, education and bee keeping. 


In 2015 we developed sustainable but also low budget communication measures to support the initiative bee careful, aiming at raising as much awareness for the threat to health of bees as possible. A further goal was the activation of people to take own measurements to help the bees. The challenge was to put the little known issue of bee mortality on the consumers´ personal agenda. To do so, we developed the campaign #Bienenhelfer (#beehelper), which comprised online and PoS-communication.

Idea and implementation (1/2)

The slogan „Du brauchst DIE BIENE braucht Dich!“ (“You need THE BEE needs you!”) gave the campaign a striking and involving character. #Bienenhelfer represented the connecting element between all communication measures. On the campaign microsite we transferred the complex topic into an informative animated video. An entertaining questionnaire (Yellow-Thumb-Test) offered users the possibility to discover which type of bee helper they are: potential bee keeper, garden friend or bee ambassador. Furthermore, users were given the chance to apply for one of 100 beekeeper trainings and to get useful tips on how to contribute to the protection of bees.
Idea and implementation (2/2)

Idea and implementation (2/2)

The far-reaching blogger Clara Moring (@tastesheriff) was invited to take part in a bee keeper training and to share her experiences in an exclusive series of articles on her blog as well as on Acting as a role model and giving valuable insights in the duties of a bee keeper, she motivated her readers to become bee helpers themselves. Additional bloggers supported the campaign and promoted a complementing photo contest on Instagram. The prize for the winning photo was the transformation of the garden into a real sea of bee friendly flowers. 


Via microsite, social media and blogger relations we reached 1.2 millions users – not including the millions of further contacts reached by the product Schwartau Samt “Bienenhelfer” at the PoS. Furthermore, we saw a significant increase in the website visits of All together, more than 1,100 people applied for beekeeper trainings. All in all, Schwartauer Werke have created a sustainable impact on bee health with the #Bienenhelfer campaign and the initiative bee careful.

The campaign “Bienenhelfer” was honoured with the award “Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation” (“German Award for Online Communication”) in the category corporate responsibility.

Starting position

Starting position

Schwartauer Werke has always been specialized in the production of fruit products, with branded goods from the house of Schwartau occupying a leading market position. However, the following question emerged against the backdrop of a changing food industry and the new requirements for dialogue-oriented end-user communication: What do we have to do as an established brand producer to be sure of our customers’ trust extending into the future?


With the communicative platform “Schwartau. Echt gut gemacht [Schwartau. Genuinely well made]”, the intention was to charge the brand with new relevance. The aim was to set the strategic direction towards the launch of a new company and brand presence, aiming at a modern and transparent approach to communication. At the same time all employees were to be informed and involved in the process while being inspired by the new spirit within the company.
Implementation - Mission statement

Implementation - Mission statement

The formulation of a new mission statement on the basis of ‘Echt gut gemacht’ created an important anchor point in the starting phase of the project for internal and external interest groups. An interactive internal launch event together with additional measures such as the first publication of a company brochure helped to communicate the new mission statement to the employees in a lasting manner.
Implementation - Relaunch

Implementation - Relaunch

In relation to the assignment, the relaunch meant that, for the first time, it was no longer only the brand but also the company that appeared as an active player in communication directed at the market and consumer. segmenta assumed responsibility for strategy, implementation and evaluation of the thematically focused communication and dialogue measures in corporate PR (media work) and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Corporate Blog).


Orientation and inspiration based on the corporate mission statement was provided in both the internal and external communication. The underlying strategic development enabled Schwartauer Werke to effectively convey corporate, brand and product topics under one communication umbrella. Within a short time, the first successes were recorded within the newly established communication fields of corporate PR and social media – on Facebook, for example, 100,000 fans were recruited in only ten months.


Bordeaux wine is synonymous with excellent but expensive red wines around the world. The task of the communication campaign, which has been in progress since 2009, is to modernize the image of Bordeaux and showcase the diversity of wine. The focus is on a selection of wines in the price segment from 5 to 29 euros.
Implementation - PR

Implementation - PR

The approach of the integrated campaign is to explore and experience personal Bordeaux moments rather than to communicate theoretical knowledge of wine. Through press trips and wine tastings we recruit journalists and bloggers as potential ambassadors and intensify story-telling activity around the Bordeaux wine-growing area, from a view behind the scenes of the chateau to perfect foodpairing.
Implementation - Events

Implementation - Events

Within the setting of bar camps, the wines are communicated in an authentic manner to relevant multipliers. The ‘Apéros Bordeaux’ series of events invites connoisseurs to experience and taste Bordeaux in a relaxed after-work atmosphere.
Implementation - Social media

Implementation - Social media

All campaigns are extended on the social media platforms implemented and managed by segmenta (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). And this generates synergies between classical PR, digital campaigns and events


Thanks to targeted German communication measures, the German market has succeeded in regaining its position as the second most important in international rankings after China.


Dynamic growth

segmenta acquires Heine PR

Effective as of January 1 2017, the communication agency segmenta communications GmbH has wholly taken over the Hamburg-based PR agency Heine GmbH. With the acquisition, the owner-operated communication agency strengthens its focus on media relations as one of its core competencies. It also adds new industry fields, with technology and media & culture joining the existing fields of food & beverages and living & lifestyle.

“One of our main goals has always been to support our clients as a competent partner in all communication endeavours. Our clients profit from an integrated approach to content and digital communication with one clear goal at the center: fueling the conversation about them and their products,” said owner and CEO Nico Ziegler. And this is a strategy that has proven successful: “In recent, years we have been able to successfully convince numerous market-leading brands of our services. With the acquisition of Heine PR, we are strengthening our teams with communication experts who are on the same page as we are when it comes to permeating the topics and messages of their clients and turning them into innovative and creative communication concepts,” he added.

With the acquisition, segmenta communications continues the consistent growth of the past years. The agency, a member of public relations industry association GPRA with over 40 employees, was able to increase its annual billing volume for the third time in a row by more than 20 percent and win numerous new clients, as well. Among the new businesses are the Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft with its brands Meßmer and Milford as well es Iglo and DS Produkte (known from the VOX television show “Die Höhle der Löwen”) and the initiative “Textile Räume.” Additionally, the agency, with its office in Hamburg-Ottensen, has successfully supported the Berlin Food Week event. For the digital campaign “bee careful – Bienenhelfer,” a sustainability campaign for Schwartauer Werke, segmenta communications was awarded the Deutsche Preis für Onlinekommunikation (DPOK) and the PR Report Award in 2016.

Heine PR was founded in 2002 by Nina Heine. Heine wants to now focus on new projects and has already withdrawn from management. She will remain at the disposal of segmenta regarding the training of young talents: “I see the need to increasingly nurture professional newcomers and am looking forward to actively participating in the training of young colleagues at segmenta,” said Heine.

Heine PR has been consulting media brands for many years, including the communication for projects and events of the radio stations N-JOY, NDR Kultur, NDR Info as well as the NDR orchestra, choir and concerts with the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester. Additionally, its team supports Facebook and Instagram in the German-speaking area in their product and corporate communications efforts.


Press release (PDF)

Campaign “bee helper“ convinces two independent juries

Double award for the information campaign “bee helper“

From hardworking bees - for hardworking bees: The information campaign “bee helper“ („Bienenhelfer“), developed by segmenta for Schwartauer Werke, was honoured twice with the PR Report Award and the German Award for Online Communication (Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation) in 2016.

 Together with the German bee expert Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tautz, founder of HOBOS (HOneyBee Online Studies) of the University Würzburg, Schwartauer Werke founded the sustainability initiative bee careful in 2014. bee careful is an engagement to protect bee health and fruit diversity. segmenta played a leading role in the initiation and implementation of the initiative.

The aim of the bee helper campaign was to support the initiative bee careful. With its slogan „Du brauchst DIE BIENE braucht Dich!“ (“You need THE BEE needs you!“) the campaign raised public awareness of the threat to the health of honey bees.

With great success: Via product/POS, a microsite, social media und blogger relations we put the little known issue of bee mortality on the consumers´ personal agenda and motivated people to become bee helpers themselves.

Two independent juries of renowned communication experts were convinced by the campaign: In November 2016 it was honoured with the PR Report Award by the magazine „PR Report“. In June 2016 the campaign won the German Award for Online Communication (Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation), which is awarded by the magazine „pressesprecher“. Two prestigious awards, which are awarded annually to the creators of campaigns and projects in the fields of classic PR and online communication.

 Recently the campaign was nominated for the International German PR Award 2017 (Internationaler Deutscher PR Preis) by the DPRG (German Public Relations Association).

iglo- new client in Food Unit

Nice catch for segmenta’s food PR experts: iglo

Becoming lead PR agency for iglo Deutschland’s brand and product communication in late 2016, segmenta managed to win over another food segment’s market leader.

A challenging yet welcome fact: iglo has a lot of stories to tell! The topics are interesting, diverse and relevant - product launches around the in Germany universally known brands “Käpt’n iglo” and the legendary “Blubb”, authentic farmers from the Münsterland and the world’s largest frozen fish factory located in Bremerhaven are just a few examples. It’s segmenta’s responsibility to communicate iglo’s topics in the German market and to generate publicity by creating relevant stories fine-tuned to iglo’s specific target groups.

By managing the daily press requests and media relations, publicity stunts, influencer relations, a look behind the scenes or cleverly reinterpreted recipes, segmenta always ends up placing iglo’s stories and products in the media in an interesting and clever way.

 About iglo:

iglo has been producing frozen foods since 1959 and is market leader in frozen vegetables and fish. Next to the classics “Blubb” spinach and “Käpt’n iglo” fish fingers a great variety of (raw) vegetable products and various seafood products make up the diversified product range. iglo regularly develops new products, catering to the increasingly diverse customer needs – be it single-household portions, lactose-free or vegetarian product variants. All products meet the highest quality standards are produced in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner and deep-frozen when at its freshest: still at sea or right after farming and processing – this is how iglo is able to offer foods that are not only tasty and easy to prepare but also rich in nutrients.

segmenta communicates for DS Produkte

Straight out of the lion’s den: segmenta in charge of communications for DS Produkte

The third season of VOX’s TV-show „Die Höhle der Löwen” (the German equivalent of “the Dragons’ Den” and “Shark Tank”) was a real success - both in regard to its record breaking audience share and higher than ever before number of deals. First-time lion Ralf Dümmel was hungry for business and quickly established himself by securing many deals. Another highlight: Every product that he invested in was already stocked on major retailers’ shelves by the next day.

 Ralf Dümmel is one of the managing partners of the family business DS Produkte, one of Germany’s most successful trading companies with portfolio of over 4,000 products. “Die Höhle der Löwen” put a spotlight on DS Produkte, which ended up getting much media attention since 2016: the perfect moment to raise public awareness for the company.

segmenta used DS Produkte’s media exposure as the opportunity to further generate publicity for the deals made by Ralf Dümmel in the show. Furthermore, segmenta supports DS Produkte in various communication matters.

segmenta communicates for Initiative Textile Räume e.V. (ITR)

segmenta launches branch campaign in home textile sector

Since August 2016 segmenta assumes responsibility for the communication of the Initiative Textile Räume e.V. (ITR). Thereby the agency’s living and lifestyle team adds the communication for associations to its existing competences of managing international lifestyle and luxury brands.The ITR was founded in 2015 and is an association of companies within the home textile sector. In the course of the foundation the consumer-oriented communication campaign #GibDirStoff was brought into being which is among others presented in the online magazine with focus on cultivation of home decor. With an entertaining mix of trends, homestories and decorating tips for the modern lifestyle, segmenta supports the ITR placing home textiles as an exclusive and necessary element in the relevant set of end-consumers. One further aim is to give new impulses to the branch and to ensure an ongoing growth of the market. Members of the initiative are editeurs, textile wholesalers, weaving mills with an own distribution in Germany, Austria or Switzerland as well as associated members like yarn manufacturer and suppliers. Additionally, the initiative is supported by sustaining members and interior decorators. 

segmenta is now responsible for the whole communication in the DACH-region including the management of the GibDirStoff-facebook page as well as of the online magazine.

segmenta communications launches two new blogs for Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH

A Food Blog and a Pet Blog for Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH

It’s been almost two decades since segmenta became lead agency for Bosch’s Consumer Products. segmenta recently realized two special projects for Bosch: The two blogzines “Einfach gut kochen“ (Simple and good cooking) and “tierisch wohnen“ (Living with pets) were launched in the spring of 2016 and have been continually gaining popularity and visitors ever since.

 “Einfach gut kochen“ presents its visitors with multiple tasty recipes and food knowledge articles every week – all around one of Bosch’s core products: the MUM kitchen machine. The blog manages not only to offer a virtual home to the many MUM-owners but also to be a blog for anybody looking for simple and good recipes. Its tight editorial calendar and thus frequent updates contributed to making it the lively platform it is.

Bosch doesn’t only cater to foodies though – segmenta’s other pet project for Bosch is truly just that: a blogzine for pet owners. “tierisch wohnen” is a platform for all dog and cat owners, offering them useful tips and tricks for their everyday life with their furry friends. New content is created every week by segmenta and in cooperation with pet expert bloggers – always with a focus on fulfilling the needs of dog and cat owners. Next to tips on grooming, the blog answers frequently asked questions and shows that pet hair on the sofa and carpet is not a problem thanks to Bosch’s pet hair vacuum cleaners. Altogether “tierisch wohnen” grew to be a platform that offers solutions to the daily problems of pet owners’ and conveys a good feeling thanks to frequent interaction and a high-quality layout.

segmenta communications wins the luxury brand account Savoir Beds

Further expansion of the communication for international lifestyle and luxury products

Effective immediately, segmenta will be taking over the  communication for Savoir Beds, one of the world's leading manufacturers of handmade luxury beds. With the account, the agency is further expanding its expertise in managing international luxury brands and lifestyle.  Along with Farrow & Ball, manufacturer of high quality paint and wallpaper and The Rug Company, manufacturer of premium carpets, Savoir Beds is the third premium living agency client of the Anglo-Saxon area. segmenta has made a name in recent years through the successful positioning of international brands in Germany as an important sales market.

Savoir Beds’ headquarters is in London. In Germany, the company has its own showrooms in Berlin and Dusseldorf. All products are created and crafted based on natural materials. The company is famous for its Savoy Bed (No.2 Bed), which was developed in 1905 exclusively for the Savoy Hotel and whose sleeping comfort has been enjoyed by a great number of big names such as Sir Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini and Marilyn Monroe.

The global brand’s clientele is within the high-quality lifestyle and luxury segment. segmenta is now handling all communications in the German market, including brand management, corporate and product PR as well as media relations and also supports showroom activities.

segmenta communications confirms the communication account for BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

The agency will handle the communication for Consumer Products as Lead Agency

For nearly 20 years, segmenta has managed the communication of the BSH Hausgeräte (Home Appliances) GmbH in the area of consumer products. After a pitch, segmenta has successfully maintained the account of the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe.

As the Lead Agency, segmenta will also be responsible in the future for the brand and product communication of the Consumer Products Division of the Bosch and Siemens brands. The aim of the communication activities is to increase brand awareness and the BSH expertise in individual product categories as well as the support of new product launches.

"segmenta was very convincing due to its profound expertise of the market and our products, offering tailor-made measures development for our target groups. We’ve trusted segmenta for nearly two decades as an agency partner for all communicative matters, and we especially value the excellent advisory skills and the personal commitment of the Agency. We look forward to further cooperation!" says Svenja Schulkinis, Head of Press and Public Relations Consumer Products.

Within the framework of the B2B communication, segmenta is responsible for Media Relations and the media coverage of events and trade fairs such as the IFA. As far as end-user communication, the agency carries out media and blogger relations and develops measures that boost awareness of the brand and product worlds as individual media cooperations, press events and word-of-mouth campaigns. In the digital area, segmenta supports the Content Development and Online Review Monitoring.

segmenta communications wins Dole Account

segmenta communications wins Dole Account

The Hamburg-based agency segmenta communications has won the consumer-oriented international communication campaign account of the fruit producer Dole Europe after a two-phase pitch. Following the pitch, the agency was also able to win the social media account of the company.

segmenta is the lead agency for the content marketing campaign with the title "My Energy", which has been scheduled for the duration of one year. The goal of the Dole campaign is to raise awareness for the fruit expertise of the company as well as for the positive effects that fruit consumption has on a healthy lifestyle. A key element of the campaign is the digital "My Energy" content platform, which was designed by segmenta and which is now part of the Dole website. All communication activities will be extended to the new corporate blog as well as to the Dole Facebook fan page. Moreover, this will be supported by PR and blogger activities as well as online marketing cooperations. Additionally, POS measures and trade activities will take place.

"segmenta convinced us with its food expertise, the profound understanding of our brand and the resulting logical, creative and comprehensive campaign idea", says Xavier Roussel, Marketing and Communication Director at Dole, one of the world's largest fruit companies. "After successfully communicating our sustainable approach with our award-winning Dole Earth project, we would now like to make a statement with our campaign for a healthy lifestyle. Following the example of our owner David Murdock and based on the studies of our research campus in the United States, this approach is deeply rooted in our company's DNA," said Roussel.

segmenta communicates for Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite)

segmenta communicates for Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite)

Since 1868 the name of Rothschild has been synonymous with first-class Bordeaux wines. For a number of years now it has also stood for high-quality wines from the South of France, South America and, most recently, China. With immediate effect, segmenta communications is responsible for the brand communication of the DBR Lafite group of companies. The communication concentrates on brand positioning and management, product PR, media and blogger relations and covers all the Bordelais vineyards belonging to DBR Lafite: Château Lafite, Château Duhart-Milon, Château L’Evangile, Château Rieussec together with Domaine d’Aussières in Languedoc-Roussillon and the South American Vina Los Vascos in Chile as well as Bodegas Caro in Argentina. Communication also includes the company’s “Vins de Collection” brand line of wines.

The Rug Company – new client in Living Unit

The Rug Company – new client in Living Unit

The Rug Company is one of the world’s leading producers of handmade, modern carpets in the premium segment. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in London, the English company has created its reputation as an innovative and trend-setting rug producer, particularly through its collaboration with international top designers such as Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen and Vivian Westwood. The globally operating company primarily has its clientele in the high-quality lifestyle segment. Now segmenta is responsible for the entire communication in the German market, including brand management, corporate and product PR as well as media relations and is providing support for the opening of the first German showroom for The Rug Company.

Award for Alpro brands relaunch

Award for Alpro brands relaunch

segmenta congratulates Alpro on winning the Marken Award for brands in 2014! segmenta is responsible for the PR of the plant-powered food specialists and has been providing support for the Alpro success story for 10 years. Alpro has developed successfully from a niche to a lifestyle product and has significantly changed the image of the brand in recent years. Positioned as a brand for products that contain a great deal of goodness from nature, today Alpro focuses on consumers seeking healthy and balanced nutrition. Since 2010, the relaunch has been carried out in phases, comprising a change in the brand logo, redesigned packaging and an extension of the portfolio, while brand reorientation has been communicated through sampling sessions, PR activities, a TV campaign and supporting online measures. The sales figures confirm the success of the strategy: Alpro has been displaying two-figure growth for 3 years, and the market share of the brand in this segment is 61% in terms of value (Nielsen).


When work is fun

We not only talk about exciting assignments and challenges – we do actually have them as well. With us you can expect a great deal of creative freedom in which your own individual style and passion can evolve. We wish to work with you in developing our clients’ successful presences and look forward to experiencing your creative, energy, dynamism and competence.

Please send your detailed application for our young team to Tanja Vollmer. Speculative applications for a position as consultant, trainee or intern are always welcome.


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